Váltson magyar nyelvre

Kedves vendégeink!
Felújítási munkák miatt előreláthatólag szeptember 3.-án nyitunk. Az újra viszontlátásig mindenkinek kívánunk tartalmas időtöltést,kellemes pihenést!!
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Information about home delivery and ordering options!


In order to order our foods and drinks for home delivery, you need to register on our website!

The aim of the registration is to filter out those of our appreciated customers who live further away from us and whom we unfortunately cannot provide home delivery to yet.

Currently we provide home delivery in the I. II. III. and XII. districts, excluding some of the outer areas of these. If during the registration process you provide a post code that is not included in our delivery areas, you will receive a message apologising for the inconvenience that you cannot order for home delivery. These customers are always more than welcome to try our foods in our restaurant in Lövőház utca.

Enjoy your meal!

If you already have an account, please sign in.

If you haven't registered with us yet, you can do it HERE.